An online work gear allocation ordering system.

Get WorkGear is an online ordering system for apparel suppliers that offers their customers a user-friendly way to order and manage their product allocations.

No matter what industry you are supplying products to, Get WorkGear will give you an online platform to allow easy management of products and the allocation of those products to different staff groups. Get WorkGear will support you so you can focus on your core business of supplying your product to your clients.


  • Add your own branding White branded work gear ordering platform
  • Client branding Add branding for your clients
  • Staff allocations Allocate products to staff via roles
  • Quantity allocation options Allocate set quantities of products
  • Price allocation options Allocate products with price limits
  • Easy to use UI Making it easy for your clients
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  • Mobile friendly Easy to use, even on a phone
  • Managers order for staff Allows managers to order products for staff
  • Staff order for themselves Allows staff to fulfil their own allocations
  • Flexible delivery options Deliver orders to a branch or personal address
  • Price and embroidery options Options to adjust prices for different clients
  • Optional approval process Can enforce an approval process for orders

Get Workgear has been designed with your end user in mind so you can focus on on the business of supplying work gear.

Get Workgear is perfect for supplying work gear to any industry.