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Get WorkGear is a Uniform Management System (UMS) specifically developed for uniform suppliers. Get WorkGear will allow you to cost effectively create personalised online portals that will get the right products, to the right people, with the right customisations!

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Quick case studies to show how Uniform Suppliers are benefiting from using Get Workgear.

Small Fish in a Big Pond wins Tender

Being a small player with a myriad of bigger competitors, our client needed a platform to compete for the Council Uniform tender. Without a platform she was out of the game.

We set up a trial store with supporting information that was a key part of the Tender process that allowed her to compete with the big guys. They lost, she won. She loves Get Workgear.

Client comment:
Get WorkGear helped us win contracts where we didn’t have the opportunity before. You have come up with something small business can use to help us grow & get ahead. Well done!
- Noela

Easy to set up, easier to use.

Build a uniform ordering platform that puts the user first. Make it easy to use and they’ll love it. This required focusing on building a platform that did a few things well rather than doing everything poorly.

People love the simplicity of the ordering interface, from HR managers and employees ordering their own kit to Store admins setting up contracts.

Store admins are able to set up contracts before morning tee. One of the reasons for quick contract build times is that products can be added once to the system and be used across all contracts. Customer specific pricing, colours, sizes and customisations can then be added on the fly later.

Client comment:
I was worried about not being able to setup & use it. I love this ordering system!
- Noela

Developing a platform for the People

Listen and learn from users to continually improve an eCommerce platform that recognises all the nuances of the uniform ordering process.

To build a user centric ordering platform we listen to client feedback and then act on it.

The more companies using the system the more features are added. We have regular client meetings for coal face feedback. We have 2 key criteria for adding new features. Does it add flexibility to the system without adding complexity to the user interface. If the answer is “yes or maybe”, we sniff around a bit more before pushing the “lets get it done”, button.

Client comment:
The Team have been really open to adding features our clients have requested, making it the best platform we have used by far..
- Nick

Get WorkGear's Uniform Management System comes with a history of success:

  • 710 companiesUse Get WorkGear to dress their teams
  • 72000 employeesSuitably attired
  • 22000+Items sold per month
Last updated: April 2024

Google reviews

Get WorkGear Uniform Management SoftwareExcellentGet WorkGear Uniform Management Software5.0 Based on 11 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onShea WilsonShea Wilson ★★★★★ Get WorkGear has been a fantastic new addition to our offering to customers and has helped us to win new business and grow existing customers transitioning over. The platform is simple and great to use, our customers love it. Congratulations to Mike and his team for supporting us in every step to get it setup even with a million questions from me regularly! I look forward to continuing to grow our business and working together :)WIB AccountsWIB Accounts ★★★★★ Great platform that is really helping our Corporate Clients. Mike and the Team have been really open to adding features that the clients have requested making it the best platform we have used by far.Nathan murphyNathan murphy ★★★★★ Get Workgear is an outstanding program. It has helped with processing and picking up more orders. Business have also told me it makes their ordering process easier. Mike is always there to help! Highly recommendColin BrownColin Brown ★★★★★ I've found Mike & his team great to work with & our customers love the online ordering portal.The Safety HubThe Safety Hub ★★★★★ it is exactly what we were looking for as an online uniform platform for our clients.Mike and the Team were very willing to assist with any queries or issues we had.would highly recommend.noela matthewsnoela matthews ★★★★★ I love this ordering system!I was worried about not being able to setup & use it; but Mike & the team where very helpful, patient & made it easy.They have given us awesome support & are happy to evolve & improve their system as well.It has helped us win contracts where we didn’t have the opportunity before.It has made ordering easy for the customers, more accurate & more importantly less work for us.What can I say!!Congratulations Get Workgear !!You have come up with something small business can use to help our business grow & get ahead. Well done!Ausworkwear and SafetyAusworkwear and Safety ★★★★★ Since adopting this new online ordering platform, we have found the GetWorkGear system to become a very beneficial asset to our daily business operation. Not only does this support our business with our customer base, we have found our customers to be also very impressed the with simple and easy nature of the platform, along with the flexibility in features to suit small, medium and even up to large businesses.The team at WIRED are very prompt in answering any and all enquiries we have regarding the system, along with supporting us in areas where we need assistance.Nick DempseyNick Dempsey ★★★★★ Great platform for managing business to business customers. The support is fantastic and very easy to use.LukeLuke ★★★★★ The team over at Wired have been fantastic to deal with! Very supportive, and have designed a very easy to use system.michael liaropoulosmichael liaropoulos ★★★★★ Amazing service!has allowed our business to take on new, larger client than what we used to work with due to their system for ordering!Their ordering eportals are now part of every single initial email brief we send to clients and i have to say our success rate has increased because clients can see the problem that the portals solve, before they even think they have a problem.The key is it makes all orders extremely accurate! the client choses the sizing etc, so the onus is put on the client to get it right!very helpful service from their back end team to!very quick to sort issues.I will be a loyal client for life!Sharon EasdaleSharon Easdale ★★★★★ I have been using Get WorGear app now for just over a year and I find it awesome. As I am not a young person I am not used to computer programs or how to use them. My knowledge is very basic. However Mike and the team guided me through the steps and I must say it was easy. I can do all changes myself and I can add customers and items all by myself within a month. My customers are using the app and loving how quick I can turn orders around to them now and they don't even have to leave their desk. Well done to Get WorkGear this is what small businesses like me have been needing for a long time that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.js_loader

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  • Add your own branding White branded uniform ordering system
  • Client branding Add branding for your clients
  • Staff allocations Allocate products to staff via roles
  • Quantity allocation options Allocate set quantities of products
  • Price allocation options Allocate products with price limits
  • Secure or public front end Using a sub domain for each contract
  • Bulk ordering interfaceFor contracts without allocation limits
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  • Easy to use UI Making it easy for your clients
  • Mobile friendly Easy to use, even on a phone
  • Managers order for staff Allows managers to order products for staff
  • Staff order for themselves Allows staff to fulfil their own allocations
  • Flexible delivery options Deliver orders to a branch or personal address
  • Price and embroidery options Options to adjust prices for different clients
  • Optional approval process Can enforce an approval process for orders

Get WorkGear has been designed with your end user in mind so you can focus on on the business of supplying uniforms and apparel.

Get Workgear is perfect for supplying uniforms and apparel to any industry.

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