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Get WorkGear was created by Wired Internet Group, a web design and development company based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wired has over 20 years experience developing web solutions that fit their clients’ needs. They believe that business success online is driven by the users’ experience – meaning that if a website is built to make a user’s life easier then it is more likely to become a success.

Wired’s team of designers and developers are highly-experienced, and have brought all of their experience to bear in creating this user-friendly, feature-rich online solution to the apparel supply market.

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Where did Get WorkGear come from?

Wired built their first online customer apparel supply website over 12 years ago. It was revolutionary for its time allowing specified product allocations to members of staff. Since then, they have gone on to build several more iterations, each an improvement on the last as a response to client feedback and the advancing technology of the online space.Get WorkGear is the latest solution that Wired has developed and is the culmination of everything they have learned along the way.

Get WorkGear comes from a strong lineage of online success and will allow you to connect with your clients and supply their uniform needs better than ever before.

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