Customer interfaces

The below screenshots will show you step by step, the interfaces you can expect when using the Get WorkGear ordering portal.


Your login screen will look very similar to this.
Note: If you are using the public access option, you will skip this step.

Login screenMobile login screen

Ordering home page

Once logged in, managers can create orders for themselves, other staff and branches. They can also manage their own staff, including adding new staff if needed.
Note: If you are using the public access option your interface will not have any personal details or an allocation status.

Manager Dashboard screenManager dashboard mobile screen

Order products for others

When ordering for others a manager can add an employee if employees haven’t been loaded onto the system.

Manager selecting who the order is for screenManager selecting who an order will for on mobile screen

Selecting products

Once an employee or branch is selected you will only see products that are available to them.

Products available screenProduct selection screen on mobile

Product options with no allocated limits

When choosing product options, if there is more than one colour you will get to select one, if not you will see the below where you can choose the size and quantities needed.

Product details screenProduct details mobile screen

Product options with allocation limits

Quantities or price may be used to limit the number of products you can order, if so the interface will look like the below.

Product details with allocation limits screenProducts options with allocation limits mobile screen

Cart page

The cart page separates orders for different people. All products within the cart can be edited or removed easily.

Cart page screen
Cart page mobile screen