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Get WorkGear Updates & New Features: May 2024

Discover the latest updates and features from Get WorkGear, designed to enhance your experience and seamlessly integrate with your tech setup. Let’s dive into the exciting new additions!

Edit Staff Interface Upgrade

The interface of the edit staff-member page has been enhanced to include new features and a more streamlined design to simplify your tasks. This update is significant because it allows client managers to access advanced staff management tools.

Edit Staff Member Page

New Interface Features:

  1. Manager:A single checkbox to designate a staff member as a manager. When selected, options 2 and 3 will appear, granting you finer control over managerial permissions.
  2. Allow Ordering Over Allocation for Employees:Enabling this option lets the manager bypass allocation limits when placing orders for employees.
  3. Edit Roles and Allocations:This option allows the manager to modify a staff member’s allocation and reset date, giving them the same level of control you have and potentially reducing your workload.
  4. Password:Setting or resetting a password for a client has been simplified, removing the need to enter it twice.
  5. Role:You can still change a staff member’s role, but now with warnings to prevent accidental resets of staff allocations. The allocation status table’s new position highlights the relationship between roles and current allocations.
  6. In Limbo:Products in an unsubmitted cart or awaiting managerial review are termed “In limbo.” These products can return to the available allocation if the cart is cleared or a manager declines the order.
  7. Reset Due:You can adjust the reset due date for a category, useful for situations like temporary leave (e.g., maternity leave). The ability to update reset dates at any time has replaced the “Work Start Date” feature, using the staff creation date as the default starting point for periodic resets.

We have removed the Work Start Date as we deem this to be superseded by being able to update the reset date at any time as shown in point 7 above. By default, the staff creation date is used as a starting point for allocations that reset periodically.

Add Company Interface Upgrade

Adding companies has been revamped for better usability. The content is now segmented, with each section providing detailed descriptions to aid in informed decision-making.

Add Company Page

When you hover over different sections, a question mark will appear in the top-right corner, providing additional information if clicked. Dismiss the info by clicking the X.

Add Company Page

Reports Section Upgrade

The reports section has been upgraded for those needing detailed customer activity insights. You can now view allocation and consumption data for all clients using Get WorkGear, filter reports, and export them as CSV files.

Admin Reports Page

We hope these updates enhance your experience with Get WorkGear. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Published on Wednesday, 12 June 2024 under News & Updates.

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